How to set id from angular data?

I can make this work if I change the html code after exporting

<img id="flag_{{flag.language}}" But when I try to set this in Bootstrap Studio it refuses to allow that.

What is the trick to make this work?

/ Totte

If you cannot do this by editing the id attribute using the app, then I would suggest a custom component as that lets you add what you want, but requires you to code manually

I thought of that, but it feels kind of stupid.

Thanks for opening this thread!

Curly braces are invalid characters for IDs, which is why they are stripped when they are set. Bootstrap Studio doesn't support Angular natively. A workaround is to use Custom Code for your Angular declarations.

GUI idea then: - a checkbox beside ID "[x] I know what the **** I'm doing, stop validating my ID"


/ Totte

Or just use a custom code component as that does what you want totte

I know, I use that, but it has a gazillion params which makes it a little cumbersome to edit it in the custom code edit box.