How to set up detaceble window?

I am pretty new to Bootstrap Studio (ver. 5.5.1). I am using a Macbook Pro with dual monitor.
I have seen some posts in forum mention detatchable windows.
However, I have not found any posts or tutorials about how to set it up.
Please help me or guide me to the right tutorial.

Arne Essa

At the bottom of the Bootstrap Studio workspace, there is a collapsible panel that has the Tabs HTML and Styles. In the right corner, you will see a little icon that looks like two little boxes on top of each other. Clicking this icon will detach this panel into a separate “editor-panel” which can be moved to your other monitor, resized, and which then allows you to use the full vertical height of the BSS program’s workspace to see your website.

Unfortunately. the program does not “remember” that the panel has been detached between sessions, so each time you run BSS (at least for now) you have to detach the panel if you want it on a different monitor. I requested in a post a few weeks ago that it would be good if the program could remember the location and size of the detached panel between sessions of the program being run, so you don’t have to re-setup your workspace each time you use BSS.

I think they are looking into implementing this. It’s not a huge inconvenience, but other software that uses multiple monitors to relocated parts of the UI generally keep track of the users “workspace” setup between program sessions (for example Adobe programs.)

Thank you very much, problem solved.