How to update bootstrap studio from 4.0 to 4.1.2

I recently paid for bootstrap studio, and started learning hoew to use it through youtube tutorials but can't go along with the instructor due to different version we use. So far I have tried the following; 1.Downloaded a newest version from the link provided via email. Extracted it and tried to run but it does not open up, only the first downloaded copy is working. Remember I use the same laptop. 2. I went on the help menu and checked for updates but gives me a message that no updates available, wonderful enough when I checked via help> About Bootstrap studio it says the version I'm using is 4.1.2, The problem is that when I create a new project it says Bootstrap 4.0 and other options are not available. Please help.

Hi Emmaus, it seems like you are actually confusing the difference between the Bootstrap framework version which is v4 and the Bootstrap Studio app version which is v4.1.2.

When you create a new project with the Bootstrap Studio app, you are asked which version of the Bootstrap framework version you want to build with. Your choice is either Bootstrap 4 or Bootstrap 3.3.7, these are the frameworks versions not the Bootstrap Studio's app version.

To see what version of the app you are using, in the app select the Help menu and scroll down and select "About Bootstrap Studio".

To check to see if there is an update of the Bootstrap Studio app, in the app select the Help menu and scroll down and select "Check for Updates". In the app near the bottom right should popup a little dialog showing the status of the update check.


Thank you Saj for your explaination.