How to Update My Custom Component?

Hi there,

How can I update my custom component?


When you say update, there is the "I want to change the name" and " I want to change the design".

The name I have tried and simply export again and make any changes you need to. For the more detailed update I think you need to:

  1. Unshare the component
  2. Remove from your component collection, then
  3. Re-make it.
  4. Add to component library and re-share.

Please note I have only done the "name change" version but I believe this second would work for any major component update.

Please let me know how it goes or went.

Thank you for opening this thread, Nasrul!

@udoyen has given a good explanation of the process if your component is shared online. If it is not, then simply delete your custom component and create one with the same name.

In the first releases of Bootstrap Studio there was the ability to update custom components, but we removed it as this lead to many problems and inconsistencies in multi page designs.