How to use a CMS with my 6 new pages?

Howdy folks! FANTASTIC program. I have just killed my Wordpress install and gone from 5s page load times to .5.

Check it out at

Now the problem is, I do need to run some PHP code. How can I do things like include a global footer, so I don't have to redo six changes again and again?

Another issue is that I cannot modify any of the header data, or run JS on one page specifically.

Other than that, THIS IS AWESOME. Totally worth $25 bucks. Right now yeah sure, I gota do some manual HTML inserts and edits, but it's worth it.


I do need to run some PHP code

in some next versions, there will be a "custom code". There I think we could place our php-code. At the moment I do it with a bit workaround after export.

include a global footer

I make an extra page - footer.html copy the footer div in the overview, go to the next page an right-click with "paste linked".

modify any of the header data

you can right-click the pages in the design-view and change some little properties like titel and descripton. With JS... I'm not used in...

Hey there, thanks for your help. The custom code block is going to be amazing.

I'll get a LOT done with that, because I can make a footer.html, then use custom code block on the bottom and do <?php include("footer").html; ?>

Then boom! on Export it's perfect.


now the "custom code" is available... it works fine

php should be included in later version, for my opinion... but NOW we can use a simple one :)

I include my <?php include(“footer”).html; ?> in the custom code

I dont mind that in the preview an in the designer "<?php include(“footer”).html; ?>" is seen...

then export the side an I have a little script to rename all my .html files to .php

And I feel great :) with using my php-code in Bootstrap Studio

Hey every one, been thinking about this - I don't want to use PHP at all. This program NEEDS to be able to be it's own CMS.

Why? Page speed.

Right now, my BSS export doesn't use ANY php at all. It's pre-rendered and pages come in at 0.2 seconds with all my compression / caches. She's FAST.

If I start doing include footer.php, it's going to slow down. Gross. I would like to see this software get a basic handle for Global Components, fixing my problem. I'm sure the devs are working on it. Lots to do :)

include footer.php, it’s going to slow down

could happen... but while developing... its the best to use my own library.

BUT maybe a little magic "button" where Bootstrap Studio make an html import out of the includes parts. (Using only the html features an ignore real php-code

This has been resolved! Using Right Click PASTE LINKED

Please see this thread: