How to work with scrollable modal and hotspots in BSS?

I have an image map with an SVG that has hotspots and they are clickable and fire an acion. Action for some is showing a modal dialog with looks really great.

I want to add a class to the modal “modal-dialog-scrollable” so the content in the modal can scroll.

The point is that when I am working in BSS and I add this class then in preview and in publish view the hotspots are no more active while I don’t see the dialog yet of course??.

Would be great if someone can tell me what goes wrong or otherwise perhaps give me hints on how to investigate this. When I don’t see a modal and no hotspots is hard to image what goes wrong here…:wink:

do you mean like this

Yes that is the idea!

I did not see your message in the bottom of the text! ;-). Thanks a lot I try this in a minute.

Works great!

I had seen something simular on stackoverflow. This way you must set a fixed height in the content-box and that is not what I really want.

But for now it’s great!

Thanks for the help!

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