how to write a paragraph/ heading under an image in a basic fancy box galle

Does anyone know how to write a paragraph or heading under an image in bootstrap studio' basic fancy box gallery? I've tried writing it, but it is only displaying on the side of the image as opposed to under it. Would anyone please help. Thanks.

Can you show me something else? Like a screenshot or something with what kind of gallery you talknig about? cause i have no clue. I'm sure that i can help you without any problems, but need more infos or something.

Does this help you?

portfolio image


Hello DickyKreedz: I uploaded the image above. Let me if you can visualize it & thanks. Printninja, it doesn't help at all. at all.

Are you versed in HTML(5), CSS(3) and various scripting languages like JQuery and Javascript? If not the first two at the very least, then these questions aren't going to get good answers for you because you really need to know how to use those 2 languages in order to understand how it all works and why it's not doing what you're trying to get it to do. It may be a lot easier for you to just find an already put together system (like what Printninja posted) and use it rather than trying to do it all by hand yourself.

Having said all that, try using the Figure tag setup to control your text for your images.