HTML minify does not minify CSS Menu Icon

HTML minify does not minify CSS Menu Icon. Instead of FontAwesome, I use CSS Menu Icon, which is essentially an SVG file, inserted inline into the HTML page.

When I export this with “HTML Minify” option checked, it minifies all the HTML code except the SVG code for CSS Menu Icon

I know this isn’t really the answer you are looking for, and I would assume that the html minify in bss can’t minify svg (technically a different language?) but have you tried using something like and put that into the page?

HTML Minify in BSS is pretty basic. It just removes CR and LF characters. Nothing fancy :sweat_smile: So, I just manually can remove the new lines for the insert SVG (which is really inline XML, not different language).

I tried various rigorous minifying mechanisms and found that I save < 5% with rigorous minifying. For compressed files, the savings are even less: 2-3%.

So not worth it!

Minifying code on ordinary websites is basically useless in terms of speeding up the page load.