Huge problem with version 4.3.3 [fixed in 4.3.4]

I just updated to BS version 4.3.3 and it has totally messed up my site.

After making any changes on the site, it changes text in the Navbar and also in my Subscribe section. I have not checked everything since there is a lot of text on 33 pages.

See the pics below for before and after the update.

Before updating, all is well -

enter image description here

After the update to 4.3.3

enter image description here

As you can see, the text is messed up. This happens to 31 of the 33 pages on my site. So now I can't update my site online because of this problem.

Is there any way I can get version 4.3.2 again until this bug is fixed? In its present version, I cannot use BSS to update my site.

I was just testing some pages on my site and noticed that this problem happens when I change settings in the Navbar (for example - the background color of hover on a menu link). It changes the text in the Navbar as shown below.

enter image description here

It also happened when I changed the subscription form by adding text to the new Subject line and the text problem happened to all three parts of the subscription section, not just the form part.

Also, both the Navbar and the Subscription section are Linked to other pages.

And these problems cannot be fixed by using Undo.

When changing other parts of any page, the problem does not happen.

I will keep testing to see if I can recreate the problem with other changes on my site.

Sorry that the new release is causing problems! This is likely due to a change we made to the way text is stored. We will fix this as soon as possible. Don't save your design in the broken state, or at least keep a backup of the working version.

I did quite a bit of testing but am unable to reproduce this. If you can give some pointers how I can see this problem (starting from a blank design), or maybe sending your bsdesign file to our email address, it will help us a lot in fixing this quicker.

I can confirm this. I managed to replicate it. What I did was,

Save navbar to Library> goto different page (within the same project)> add saved navbar from library to new page.

What the error does is that the first Letter (Character) is replaced with the ending character. e.g) Home --> eome Contant Us --> sontact Us

This also affects the text in the dropdown menu too.

P.S. My Save is grayed out. I can't save my progress. Only way is to Save As (Is this just me?)

Martin it's easy to test. In Bootstrap Studio click on new choose a template with more than one page. then change something for example the brand to let's say My website. Now have a look what happen to the menu on the other pages.

Thank you for all the info! We released Bootstrap Studio 4.3.4 to address these issues. These were all caused by the same bug.

Unfortunately if a design is already saved with the incorrect characters (or a custom component is added to the library), it will need to be fixed manually. Sorry for causing this problem.

Martin, Gen, and kuligaposten,

Thank you for your quick replies and thank you Martin for the quick fix.

The problems I had are totally gone now. Fortunately, I always save my work to a different name from the original. After everything checks out, I'll save it to the original document name. I have found out previously that when I save to the original and something goes wrong, then my work goes up in smoke and I'll have to start from scratch.