I can input letters into a number input...only on mobile not on Desktop.

For whatever reason I can only input number values into the number inputs ONLY on Desktop version of my website... on the mobile version I can enter text and letters which is not desired.

Additionally, the Datetime input was flattening like a load bar when I visit the app on my phone. On the bootstrap view editor everything looked fine on my app (in all view sizes), but when I viewed it from the bootstrap webserver on my iphone...my number inputs accepted text, my DateTime search bar looked more like a progress bar(when I make it larger the Placeholder inputs do not appear inside the input as they do on Desktop view), and my phone number was highlighted yellow and formatted oddly inside of a div.

None of these changes were present on the mobile viewer on the Boostrap studio GUI. Any support will be much welcomed... I am prioritizing the fact I can input letters in a number input from my mobile device but not desktop.

It looks like you still have not answered to people trying to help you here: https://bootstrapstudio.io/forums/topic/site-not-responsive-on-mobile-even-with-meta-viewport-tag/