I don't know if I'm correct!

During all this time using BSS, studying Bootstrap, Sass, I’m still going to start JS and seeing the posts here on the forum, I came to the following conclusion, so I want to know from friends if I’m correct?

Using the SCSS files and creating others by import, would it be correct to say that we could create a bootstrap theme to use in BSS?

A site with 5 pages, where some of the resources used on them might be different, could I create 5 SCSS files and then import them all into a single SCSS file creating a lean theme for this site and overriding the default theme for this site?
Another question on the same subject, the customization generated with these 5 SCSS files, creating some copies of them of course, could you generate me 5 lean CSS files, each one for its respective page?

In short:
Would I create a unique and lean bootstrap theme for this site and then have the css, lean styles for each of the pages, avoiding generating heavy files for the pages to load?

I would also like to know if the same applies to JS files?

I would really appreciate the opinions of friends!

Yes you can create a Bootstrap theme inside Bootstrap Studio using the internal compiler.

I would not bother overiding the default theme. I would load a blank theme in settings with nothing in it so there is not conflict with the compiled theme using the internal compiler. You will have to export the project and reimport the new theme when you are ready to move from dev to production. You simply put a undescore in front of the internal _mytheme so that its deactivates it and is ignored by the compiler. Choose the reimported theme now and you are good to publish or export to a production folder for external upload.

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