I need help

I put little pictures on the home page galery.html I wish that when I click on the thumbnails to open mobile.html me how to do it ... thanks in advance

In the BSS app, in the Components pane(top left) on the STUDIO tab type in "link". Drag the Link component to the Overview pane(bottom left) and drop it to be just above the image. Then in the Overview pane(bottom left) drag that image on to the Link component. Then click on the Link component and in the Options pane(top right) type in the URL/filename you want in the URL box.


hi, I need to load some text in my page by javascript . where to include these text files ? can I create an assets folder ?

The assets folder is created already on export so no, you shouldn't create one. The only way to do this at this time is to create your text file and upload it to the server manually to a different directory outside of your assets folder (I say this only so it doesn't get deleted accidentally when updating). Then link to that using a URL.

@narboot, you would probably do something like this https://www.w3schools.com/jquery/ajax_ajax.asp.

But if you wanted to do something in the BSS app you could create your so called text file as one of your projects html files and then do something like this.

$('#main-menu a').click(function(event) {

   $.ajax(this.href, {
      success: function(data) {
         $('#notification-bar').text('The page has been successfully loaded');
      error: function() {
         $('#notification-bar').text('An error occurred');

I can try to explain this if you need, but for this subject you really should have created your own forum thread about this.


tnx saj

can someone explain to me how to make a picture below of the address slikee want to be a starting figure for example. image of the city and when I click on the picture that it is a place to be 20 paintings about the city, and when I click on the initial image of the city that we can open the old window size of 800x800 and it is in this window appears the second image with the description of the place below where will be able to browse images themselves and show other pictures from that city ... thanks in advance

@zlatar Thank you for starting this discussion! One way to make this kind of layout is to create a gallery of images that are linked to separate pages for each city. I can't really go into more detail, as this forum is focused on discussing Bootstrap Studio related topics, and not on web development in general. Maybe a good tutorial on web dev would be helpful to you.

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