I need some guidance, can someone help?

Hello! My name is Juliana, from Brazil.

I work at university and we are trying to use Bootstrap Studio as a tool that would enable teachers to drag-and-drop their lessons, without the need of a webdesigner throughout the whole process.

We've done some tests, but I still couldn't figure out how to use the files and folders from the actual project (a single paged lesson). I can reference them in the custom meta head, but I cant see styles being applied on the "page builder" side. For example: <br><br> Builder side:<br> enter image description here<br><br> Browser side:<br> enter image description here

Can someone give me a little hand? Thanks!

from what i understand (i'm new to it also) the file structure is on the right tab in the interface. you can add pages and files in there. all css links are adding to the header of the html (down left tab in the interface) automatically just by adding css files to structure tree on the right tab. javascript files that added to the structure tree can be linked manually in the setting tab (sub tab 'header'), and also a costume scripts. but the linking done automatically when javascript file created in the structure tree just like the css files, but it does't show on the html header.

Your main clue is in the fact that most of your page is made from custom code. You cannot edit attributes with the Options panes at all, ever. You need to build your site with the internal components rather than making them all custom code.

Just a suggestion, but assuming the idea here is to have a place online where students or others can view the lessons, why not create a Google account for the school, and then use their free tools like Google Docs or Slides to create the lesson plans. Those are a LOT easier to use than trying to build a web page, and you can create sharable links to the documents that people can read, print, or edit.