I want to apply for a refund, do not delete

This software is not universal, and can not support Chinese fonts, equal to the software can not be used, please do not delete response to my company how to deal with, I will be in the forums on all articles PO

This is a user forum, so you're posting in the wrong place and for the wrong reason. As you should know there's an online demo on BSS website. If you bought the software without even checking its demo or reading it's description it's your fault.

BTW, it's even clearly specified in the FAQ, and if you're too lazy to read it you should also refrain from posting here for help.

Which language is Bootstrap Studio in?

The interface of our program is only available in English at the moment. No other languages are supported for the interface. But you can create websites in any language. If you need to enter special symbols with umlauts or characters with IME (like in Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc) you can use the "Character Input" dialog. You can access it by clicking the "Char Input" button when you edit the text of an element.

How to apply for a refund, thank you

Use the contact form on main website