I want to do Accordion and detail table link

Hello house! i just join the forum and i am not expert user of BSS. I think this platform can help me out with this particular page in my website that i don't know to handle. I want to create accordion headings each with there subheading in one column, each sub heading list has a link to their details on the second column. the table fields of detail column are the same but there value changes pending on the type of sub accordion list visitor click that will determine value display under details column. As i said second or detail Column contain same Fields like 'LOCATION' ,'DURATION' ,'TOTAL COST' etc for all list of sub accordion link. when visitor show interest and click any link in first column it will show detail information in second column ( THIS IS WHERE I FIND DIFICULT TO DO ). The visitor can click on ''apply now'', it links them to a form, it will take there detail information. On that form event code from event chosen will automatically be on the form a client is filling ( THIS ALSO I FIND DIFICULT TO DO ). see the attached drawing of sample of what i am saying. Someone should please help me out.

Hiya Mico,

These forums here are for user to user help with the app and how it works and does things. Most of us here are professional web designers/developers and it would be against our own interests to do this for you here. There are a lot of places you can get help with these things on the web if you Google them. Good luck with them and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about how the app itself works.


Not to sound unsympathetic, but are you kidding???

First off, this particular forum category is for sharing ideas about Bootstrap Studio. Things we'd like to see added, or ways the program can be improved.

Second, while there is a category for seeking help with how to use the program, your question is not about how to use the program, but rather how to build a particular (and it would seem) fairly complicated feature that would probably require some custom coding, and javascript at the very least.

These forums are basically made up of people who use Bootstrap Studio to make their living building websites. We're not web instructors, teachers, or tech support. (Personally, I get PAID to create the sort of thing you are asking someone to "help" you with.)

Apparently English is not your first language, so it might be difficult for you to understand, but what you're trying to do is not something that can be simply explained by saying, "add this component, click this button, set this attribute." You need to learn how to build websites yourself, not ask other people to explain how to do it. Does that make sense? I'd sugges you start by joining https://stackoverflow.com/. The people there are more accustomed to helping novices figure out complicated projects from scratch.