Ideas After Four Months

First off, I love this product. It makes getting a lot of the tedious stuff out of the way a lot quicker. Exporting components has come in handy so many times, loved the additional features that have been implemented over the months. Here are some ideas that I think would really benefit the app.

  • Import Javascript Files
    • From URL (CDN)
    • From Local
  • Open Javascript Editor in Main View
  • Raw HTML Editor
    • It would break the locked feature, which brings me to another feature that might be useful.
  • Option to Unlock All

Thank you for the suggestions @mattsandy!

Import Javascript Files

This is coming in the next version, you will be able to import local CSS/JS files and link to URLs.

Open Javascript Editor in Main View

This would require things to be reorganized. We will think about how this could work.

Raw HTML Editor

This is coming too :slight_smile: We will have a “Custom Code” component which will permit you to edit its contents as HTML.

Option to Unlock All

Locked elements are required so that the drag/drop and the options in the sidebar continue working, so we can’t allow elements to be unlocked. But if you work inside a Custom Code block, you won’t have any limitations.