I'm a student that wants to use BS, however my school doesn't give me an email.

Basically the title.

I want to try and use bootstrap studio, however I'm really broke. (I can't even get a job where I live).

My high school doesn't give students (or teachers) any school-like email. I really want to try bootstrap studio. Is there any way to get the student license without an email.

I can also prove that I'm a student if any of the developers are reading.

Thanks for your help!

go to a website and open a gmail account or yahoo or anywhere that has free email. Not sure what your school has to do with you not having an email address at all.

There isn't any type of student package that I'm aware of (could be wrong here), for the price it's at right now it's the cheapest app you're going to find that can do all this one does and the price is a steal right now so I don't know that there's much else you can do other than get the money and buy it like everyone else does.

Oh sorry, I was referring to this https://bootstrapstudio.io/pages/student-license

the page said that I need to provide it with my student email to prove that I have a student email.

Ahh ok I definitely stand corrected then if there's a student-license available. You will however, need to contact support for this, not the forums. The forums are basically users helping users mostly and nothing to do with the product purchases is taken care of here.