I'm working on a database API

@dickykreedz, your discouragement is humorous. Give me an example of an API that you can use to populate a Blog in BSS.

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My entire point was that there’s already tons of available apis for backend solutions which you can easily integrate with front end, making another one wont change anything until you wont change something inside BSS to make it attractive.

In conclusion, you’re basically “wasting” your time for something that won’t change anything honestly unless youre planning to make something else then im backing my words :slight_smile:

Anyways we will see, I want you to surprise me

Did you mean using API to manage a blog using BSS?

I took a look at doing this with airtable and its api

It works fine, but the main drawback I had, was lack of SEO. When google crawls the page it doesn’t see any actual content, just the placeholders.

Another thing to consider, is the majority of people on here that want a bss cms will be using the bss free server.

I look forward to seeing your solution. Good Luck

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I am excited to see what you come up with. I would love something like this. I have been wanting to do something with baserow.io and axios but I do not have any skill with javascript to actually get this done without a lot of learning first.

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I mean using JS to call an CRUD API on a server other than what BSS is being hosted on using XMLHttpRequest GET/POST. JS can then populate the page as needs. So, sort of the other way around. BSS managing the blog using JS and an external database API.

Again, give me an example. You’re not making sense to me. I’m not interested in surprising you. It’s my time so what’s it to you?

I starting use Strapi with BSS. With strapi you can create your own rest API and do GET/POST data from your BSS. Currently I only use it to manage blog content.

Hope this thread is related with what you need;

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Thanks for this. Strapi is quite different than what I’m doing. My API will allow one to use BSS hosting and JS to access an external database API. It will be a solution for static hosting and front-end data access.



Recently, QuickBlog and Kirby have been my only blog solutions. https://www.quickblog.co/

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Ah i see, yes we need to host strapi first, for free option we can use Heroku or simmilar service. Then, we can call the api anywhere, including bss host via js.
Hope you find what you need soon :")

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On my last app i wrote the restapi on php and called it via the js fetch() method. So i dont need external cms but for local testing xampp installed or ignore cors policy on server side. Idea is good but has some restrictions.

Excuse my english, best regards from germany.

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I was thinking of Linode and using Flask app. We’re on the same track.

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That’s similar to my thinking. I did local testing using Flask.

Excellent! Heroku has a free tier for PoCs.

I really like the Heroku idea. Great tutorial on deploying a web app to Heroku free tier. Push Flask Apps To Heroku For Webhosting - Python and Flask #11 - YouTube

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Here is the first PoC. https://bss-db-api.bss.design/

It is hosted on BSS official hosting. Data populating the blog entries is pulled from a Python/Flask app hosted on Heroku. View the index page’s source code to see how this works.

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The 5-site limit of BSS hosting is a problem for me as I want to start an agency. https://www.netlify.com and https://heroku.com can host static sites for free. Heroku will even host dynamic sites for free too.

I like quickblog. Thanks for that.

Be careful, the free tier is for non-commerical use only, so as an agency, it won’t be free.