Image component preview bug in columns when text is set to center justify

Steps to reproduce 1) Create a blank project. 2) Add a container, row and column. 3) In the Option's panel, set the column's Text Option to Alignment > Center 4) Drag an Image component into the column.

Do you see the same visual aberration below (which I've hightlighted with pale yellow.) A box on the left with a smaller box in the upper left corner, and a large X in the center. Seems to have started with BSS 5.x Once you add an image, everything functions as normal. It's just an issue during development.

enter image description here

I can concur this also happens in Mac version as well, very strange that we've never seen this happen before too. Hopefully it's just something that came from the last update.

I noticed it when I installed 5.3, and it's still present in 5.3.1. I don't know if it was in 5.0 - 5.2. Def was not in 4.x