Image Library / referencing files on the HD

I add an Image and imported a file to the library and used it. So far so good. Some point / questions:

  1. How can I get rid of the files in the library? When I click a file and press DEL, the selected element in the editor is deleted, not the library file.

  2. Library files are not updated when the original source changed (BTW: would be a nice feature) so I wanted to use file:///Users/me/website/test1.svg but this doesn't work. Neither I can see the image in the editor nor in the preview. How to use file:// references for images?

Hiya robert,

For images you need to import them or upload them and reference the absolute link to the image. Either way will work, but you cannot reference images on your computer, that would be kind of stupid since it cannot reference them when uploaded and you'd have to go back and change all those links you referenced local images in. So ...

You already know how to import images and reference them in the main BSS components. Here's the other info you need:

  1. To delete an image right click over the image and choose delete. We're hoping to see a more robust system for this in the future where we can do multiple images and files at a time. Hopefully that will be in a future build, guess we'll wait and see. The devs have been very good about seeing to the needs of the users so far, so I'm pretty optimistic that we will see this soon too.

  2. To reference an image in a Custom Code box, will depend on if the image is imported or if it is just residing on the server and not imported. I don't usually do the latter since images can all be imported, but do find this necessary for things like PDF files. If it's imported, then just reference it the same as you would in the Options panel, just use a full "link" code such as: <img src="directory/filename.ext" alt="" />

  3. If it's online, just use the full URL, same as you would to reference any other file online (preferably not hotlinking someone else's images/files of course :P ). This is what you'll need to do when referencing things like PDF's or other files that cannot be imported at this time. This is another feature I'm hoping we'll see in the future as the ability to import anything we need. Right now absolute URL's work great for them though. I use the BSS app for all things including all updates, so I tend to find the best way I can around not having to alter much outside of the App to keep workload down on export. So far I have only 1 thing I have to update on a couple sites, and that's a jquery file due to the file being older than the app will export. So far so good!

I just want to make sure that we are all using the terms relative/absolute URLs correctly so we're not all getting confused. :)

  1. An absolute URL - points to another web site (like href="")
  2. A relative URL - points to a file within a web site (like href="/themes/theme.css")


Yes Saj, that's what I was saying there. You need to use absolute URL's for anything that you are referencing outside of your server, but you also need to do this if you are referencing items that reside "on" your server, if you want to view them or utilize them during development of the site in BSS. You can always change those links after everything is tested etc., but for some things that may not be advantageous. :)

I know how the referencing stuff works. My point is, that it could be handled pretty simple: While I develop locally, use file references. When I publish, convert these to web-server compatible ones and import the images. It's pretty simple.

The use case is for example to use SVG files. These need quite some tweaking until it works. This is done outside of BSS of course. And now I need to replace it manually over and over again... very tedious.

Give it some time Robert. The app is still in development and I think I recall someone asking about SVG files before, and they were told that it was being looked into or something.

I would also highly suggest you add your ideas and concerns to the Ideas forum so they see them easier. They have been pretty good about meeting our needs for the app so far :)

So it's been almost 3 years since I started using this app, and still we cannot reference local files.

So I have a CSS file (well technically I believe it's an SCSS file) that has a ton of css file imports in it, approx. 45 of them. I can't see how it would be effective to have all of these within the app since it will only be used on one page, and importing them would put them on every page, much overkill. There needs to be a way for us to reference files outside of BSS that are local.

I know we've asked this forever and a day, and so far I don't think anyone on the team has even commented on whether or not this will be added or not. We truly need this ability to reference local files within local folders. The ability to specify a local project folder for the most part that we can add sub folders into and have everything readable by the server as if they were in the app. I truly can't believe this has not been done yet. Putting 45 css files into my project is just not an option I want to bother with. It will end up being confusing trying to find CSS files in the list as well as total overkill on every page of our project.

Pleaseeee give us the ability to reference local directories.