Image not showing


I'm new to bootstrap and now have the problem, that an image doesn't show up on my site.

What I did?

<div class="container">


div class="row">

<div class="col col-lg-3"> </div>

<div class="col col-lg-3"> Crowdfunding </div>

<div class="col col-lg-3"> Test </div>

<div class="col col-lg-3"> Test </div>

Where is the image?

On my server.

Did you use the "image-component" and did you import the image IN BTSs image-folder???

Or did you only insert a link to your server?

The code you provided, has the image URL as

That doesn't seem to be right to me, as for one it gives a 403 Forbidden error code page. And I don't think your server resides at


Yeah, sorry in my browser the image link wasn't showing so I couldn't see where you had placed it. (My mistake)

How did you get the URL for the image into your BSS settings?

I think the simplest solution is to use the BSS settings and host the image in your BSS "Images" folder. i.e. copy the image there and use the BSS user interface to select that image. In that case the path to the image will be