Image place holder?

Not sure if this has been asked before - couldn't find anything on the subject.

Is there a way of adding some soft of place holder to an image to set it's size (even though its responsive) while its loading to prevent the page jumping all over the place as images load?

Thanks in advance

Are you talking about when it loads on a live website, or within the BSS program?

When it loads on a live website, for example, you are viewing on a mobile phone using a slow connection and there's an image above some text.

You start reading the text and the it jumps down after the image has loaded - really annoying.

I've read about lazy loading, but haven't a clue how to implement it,

Thanks in advance

Is the image really large in size? If so, you might want to load smaller images for mobile devices. A mobile phone sized image should not take so long to download that it causes a noticeable delay in page load speed.