Image search results

Not a huge issue but annoying.

If I use the image search button and enter something like '123' the results don't only find an image whose name includes '123' but also the likes of 'a1b2c3' and '301sz2'. In a project with only a few images that's not too much of a problem but, with more than a few, like the ones I'm building, a lot of scrolling and wasted time is involved.

This is actually a feature we intentionally added to the application. It's called fuzzy search and is supposed to help people find items even when they're missing letters. But results are sorted starting from the closest match, so there shouldn't be a need to scroll. Does this happen in your experience?

The sites I am developing are very image-rich and so the search I describe tends to throw up quite a few hits which, because the 'closest' match isn't always the 'best' match, I have to scroll through. Perhaps we could choose between 'fuzzy' and 'strict'?

There was a suggestion in the forum that I think will help. We'll update the image browser to show folders, and search in the current folder by default. I think this would resolve the issue and make the dialog faster to load.

Yes, automatically searching within the currently selected folder would be helpful!

Even so, would it be possible for the thumbnails to be created silently once a project has been loaded so that they were instantly available as soon as a search was initiated?

Processing images on design open could lead to the application being unresponsive for a few seconds if a large design is loaded. We will do some experiments to see what works best.