Images not showing on server

Hey guys & gals! First post here.

I've finally completed my portfolio page (for now) and have successfully uploaded my html, css, etc.. to my web host. The only problem i'm having is getting the images to load.

Basically what i'm trying to ask is how do you upload the whole project to make it work on the host side?

To give a better idea of what i'm talking about you can visit the page

You need to upload everything that BSS exports, exactly as it exported it. If you make any changes to the files, you need to realize those will never be reflected within BSS and therefore will overwrite what you did and you'll have to do it all over again. If you rearrange anything, you will have to alter the paths in the pages to accommodate those changes, and once again they will not be reflected in BSS and will have to be reedited when you export again.

Hope that helps.

Maybe it was just the product of coding for almost 10hrs straight. After reading what you said everything made sense lol.

I guess it was just tunnel vision and i didn't see the section on the host where you can add a FILE.. Doh!

Thank you! Looking forward to uploading everything once i get home.