Import Bootstrap Customisation


We can customize Bootstrap’s components

What about to make an Import for a custom config.json file?

We want to add the ability to customize the Bootstrap framework in the next releases. Here is how I think we can do it:

  • Show a locked "bootstrap.css" file in the Styles group in the Design panel.
  • In its context menu, there is going to be a Properties option.
  • Clicking the option will show a dialog with all available bootstrap customizations

Importing a config.json would be a great improvement to this. We can add a button to the dialog which will permit you to select your config.json directly and have all variables extracted from it. What do you think?

yep... that could be wonderful

Is this still an option for one of the next releases ? Would be a nice thing to have.

I did try to add a custom bootstrap.css file, which was previously created on but unfortunately this did not work.

This is somehow obvious having two bootstrap.css files in the same document, with slightly different rules can't be a good idea. If there would be an option to disable the default bootstrap.css file while using a custom one would be a solution as well. Not as elegant as the here suggested option with the ability to import a config.json, but it would at least save some time for not having to overwrite all the unwanted rules in a theme file.

Anyway, Bootstrap Studio is great. It did already change my workflow when it comes to sites build around Bootstrap.

Just to follow up on this - the correct way to import a customized Bootstrap file is by using the "Manage Themes" dialog. You can find this in the "File" menu. This will replace the bootstrap.min.css that is used, it won't create an additional one.

Thanks for the hint Martin. This is great. Exactly what i was looking for.

Going back to the original query, and confirmed by Frank, this feature to be able to receive JSON values and parse them, will be awesome! How soon can you do this? Kinda stuck without this functionality, because I need to use legacy php, and which works just fine and want to re-use them. Awesome interface though! love it.