IMPORT COMPLETE WEBSITE: ONE CLICK (bootstrap website not created in BSS)

Request: It would be nice to import a Bootstrap Template (file) with one click instead of having to select each item & import them separately (ie; index, about, contact, ---- CSS files ----Javascript --- images ---- & other.

Are you considering this?

If you are doing it that way you are not aware that you can import multiple files at a time. It is only the directory itself that cannot be imported. So...

  1. Create the folder trees you need within the Pages, Styles, JavaScript and Image sections.

  2. Right click over the folder you want to import a folder full of files from (basically mirror those you have in your Bootstrap template). This will open the dialog to select your files.

  3. Select all the files in the folder and import them.

Rinse and repeat for each directory you want to mirror. Much faster than a file at a time.

Having said that I do agree that we need a way to import a full project of files. But, hopefully this will help you do things faster until such a time as they give us more options.

Hey Thanks This will sure help ! Yes.... please create a one click solution !

Thank you for the suggestion! We will look into importing entire directories with drag/drop in the next releases. This can save you time when importing existing designs.

Yaaaaay! Thanks Martin!

I agree, this is a good idea. It is helpful for working with themes. I would take it one step further and integrate git , it makes working with teams easier, plus more people are making SPA's with bootstrap and they already use git for their other code.