Import existing site / template

I am new in starting to use Bootstrap studio. I want to use as a start the bootstrap google material desigin templates as created by creative Tim.

Creative Tim material kit template

How can I use / import the examples and css/js/scss used in this template in Bootstrat Studio?

Have you searched for this subject as it has come up many times.

You can import templates for other sources but they will be created as custom code which means you will have to edit code manually

I am into a collision with same problem. I could not import some nice looking templates into the BBS only except partially. Has there been any work around for this ever since. I do admit that designing a static very good looking site with BBS is easy and I made one soon after my purchase, but I would be so thankful if I am told how can I import a template without difficulty. Can I be told where is the working area of the BBS, I mean where the BBS store the file a design. Thanks.

So the aim of this app is to build your own sites / templates using the drag and drop functionality the developers have worked on.

The work around is to import external templates as custom code components but by doing that you sacrifice ability to drag and drop instead having to manually change your code.

Just waisted $25 this product is too basic, there are equivalent products around and are FREE!. I would discourage anyone from buying this software.

Wow ignacio.. (stands for ignorant? most likely)

There is NOTHING out there even close to what this app does, nothing. And there is definitely nothing out there with this much power that is FREE in any way. If you are finding this app too basic, then you do not design websites for a living at all, you're obviously are looking for straight drag and drop and cannot code. This app isn't meant for someone that has no experience or some knowledge of CSS and HTML so you're not going to be able to just throw things in a window and call it done. It doesn't work that way which is obviously what you must be looking for if you think this app is "too basic".

This app has done many websites for me, and I have coded for years and find this app a whole lot easier and faster to do the same things.

So ... examples of what you are calling basic may be more beneficial for those people you are trying to steer away from it, as well as for those of us that can give you a more detailed explanation of how whatever you're having issues with works.

Nothing "Basic" about this app at all.

I have just started my journey with Bootstrap. Do you recommend this?