Import existing website and use full features

Hi! How far away are we from being able to import an existing website and be able to utilize all BS features? Gotta say if I knew this limitation before I wouldn't have purchased. Thanks, Gahsto

Such a feature is never coming to BSS. It's been discussed numerous times here in the forums, and the developers have explained that this is impossible without a fundamental rewrite of the software from scratch. Also, it's not what they created the program to do.

There is a free online demo of the program that you can use to try before you buy it. Guess you didn't bother to check this out.

The only visual editing program I know of that has the ability you're looking for is Pinegrow, however it is considerably more expensive and has a much steeper learning curve.

Ok well thanks for the info..and no I didn't know there was a demo version. Can I get a refund? *Admin reply only please. smh

Admin won’t reply to this thread - you will have to email the devs using the contact us site.