Import folder in studio

Hi, How can I import an existing website folder in the studio? I downloaded a template which was delivered as a zip file containing everything (pages, css, js etc.), but there doesn't seem to be a way to import this in the studio so I can customize it.

You won't be able to do what you think you are trying to do with a purchased template unless it's a BSS specific template. If you import the HTML files you will have no drag and drop capabilities, only code abilities by hand which pretty much makes BSS useless for your needs on that.

The only way you can do anything close to what you want to do is import the images, css files and js files and then recreate the HTML files by hand.

Although BSS does "allow" for importing of HTML files, it doesn't "allow" for the use of all the features for them, they are treated as totally custom code blocks.

As Jo explained, you can't do what you want in BSS. The only software I know of which can do this sort of thing is Pinegrow.