Import HTML not custom code

I just purchased the app today, I love it so far! One game changer for this in my needs would be to take a fully fleshed out template from WrapBootstrap and import it and customize it directly within Bootstrap Studio. I can do that already and it comes in perfect but is all "Custom Code" Where I can't edit any of the elements directly. If this could be corrected this would be incredibly useful for me. What do you think?

You can edit the custom code but it requires you to manually dip into the code and change it by double clicking on the section you want to edit.

Hi Chris, Yes sir I did notice that, but it takes away from the power of the application. Where it itemizes the elements and makes them dragable and editable. I could really use that with more templates as the application only comes bundled with three.

Is there a repository somewhere of pre-developed bstudio templates/layouts? That would also suffice although it would be less ideal.

Hello and welcome to the forums! There are fundamental technical reasons why imported HTML is not converted to a draggable and droppable design, and the only way to have these features is to build the design from scratch inside Bootstrap Studio.

In the upcoming 2.4 version we are preparing a large number of beautiful components which can be combined into complete web pages, which I think will help you a lot when making new designs.

is 2.4 still going to land this week Martin? very excited to see the components you are developing

In the upcoming 2.4 version ...
2.4 The target release date is the week of August 29th.
is 2.4 still going to land this week Martin?

I was wondering the same, when is the expected release, was it pushed back?

The week is not over yet, but it is likely 2.4 is going to be a few days late.

Hey Martin, Thank you for the good news about the update! That's certainly helpful.

Thanks for responding @Martin , ;-) that's true the weeks not over.

I too was just curious concerning the status of 2.4 Thanks for the update on things and all your development efforts with BootStrap Studio, keep up the great work, many thanks.

Updated the target release for 2.4 I noticed,

The target release date is the week of September 5th.

Not the end of the week yet (again), but any update this week. ;-) Sorry just excited, forgive me.

Hi Martin,

You state:

There are fundamental technical reasons why imported HTML is not converted to a draggable and droppable design

I'm curious what these technical reasons are and if you plan to address this limitation in the future.

I understand that raw HTML presents infinite combinations of code, making it impossible to import arbitrary HTML into BSS's structure. However, clean Bootstrap HTML created in other Bootstrap editors, or manually created in syntactically correct structures should be able to be imported into BSS.

The import function should be smart enough to automatically recognize standard Bootstrap structures and components and import them as native objects, rather than custom HTML objects. Any structures that aren't recognized could be imported as custom HTML.

Having this type of import capability would really take BSS to the next level, as you could use it to import existing pages, rather than having to manually rebuild each page from scratch in BSS.

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Hello all,

I agree 100% with what bkonia is saying here. Other tools(specifically Pingendo) already do this "interpretation" of existing Bootstrap structures and assets, and make the whole code draggable through blocks.

BSS is completely superior when it comes to professional development but is lacking in this area; and its a functionality that will elevate BSS to the designer/developer masses.

Please reconsider this and add it in future releases; thank you for making an amazing product

I'm working on web service to create Bootstrap Studio Design File from Template...

Check this video out: HTML2BSS

I can't tell you, when ther service is available, because it is really hard to map classes and properties back to BSDESIGN, without corrupting the file... But import works better every day...