Import Image Bootstrap 5.0.0 [fixed in 5.0.1]

Import Image is not working. Clicking does nothing. Drag and drop works. Img-fluid switch on responsive "missing". Adding img-fluid does work as a class does.

Well the image responsive switch is back now after rebooting but still the image import link is not working. Anyone else confirm this ?

Image import not working for me either.

...although you can drag and drop image files in to the Design Panel to get round it.

Confirmed, me too. It worked the first time I tried to use this. I was able to import 4 images. But then I forgot what I was doing next, possibly import yet a 5th image but I hit cancel in the import dialog. From that point on I was getting some weird "progress"-like rectangles flashing on the screen, as if the app was trying to import something. I was keep getting this even for a new project.

After rebooting my computer and starting a new design from scratch (BS 4.4.) I was no longer able to import images from the local HD. The import image button was just not functioning any more.

BStudio 5.0.0 macOS 10.14.6

Thank you for reporting this! We will fix this in an update later today. For now drag/drop is the way to import.

We just released Bootstrap Studio 5.0.1 which should fix this problem.