Importing Images and Videos

If I import an image into the image folder from my local laptop drive, is either A) a copy made from the original local drive copy or B) the same image (meaning if I delete the local drive image, the image on the website will disappear). Also, what happens with videos also? Can I import those into the image folder or is there a way to create a video folder? I would like to create a private video streaming site for myself, so I don't want to have to keep all those videos locally, cause it takes too much space. So I just need to know if the videos and images I import into the Bootstrap Studio software, does the videos and images upload to a Bootstrap server so that even if the local video or image gets deleted, that the image or video will still show up on the website.

When you copy an image from your computer into the BSS images folder, it now exists as a copy within that particular BSS website project. When you save your website, all the photos are saved along with the all the website data into a single, compressed file (the .bsdesign file.) Deleting the image on your computer will not delete it from the BSS project.

You cannot import videos into BSS like you can import photos. This is because videos can be extremely large, and would make the resulting .bsdesign file unwieldy, and slow to open and save. So, to include videos on your site, you must manually upload them to your server, and then enter the appropriate path in whatever method you are using on your page to display your videos. Videos and other types of media other than images (like PDF files) can't be saved within the BSS project. This is a limitation with the program, but eventually you get used to adding these types of files as I've described above. Another option is to host your videos on a site like YouTube or Vimeo or Photobucket, and embed them into your pages using the responsive embed component.

Thank you so much! That really helps me!