Importing images

It's quick and easy to drag and drop images into the Design space but, even when a folder within 'Images' has been opened, the images are always imported into the root rather than the open folder. It would be useful if they were imported into the open folder rather than have to be moved into it manually.

You can import into a specific folder if you right click over that folder to add your images rather than right clicking over the main Images section. Then when you add images it will import them directly to that folder.

My suggestion was regarding dragging and dropping images into BSS which is much faster than using 'Import Image' from within the 'Images' section.

I agree, that would be definitely helpful and faster, but just wanted to be sure you realized it could be done with the import. :)

Yes, I had, but thanks for taking the trouble! That area of BSS seems a little unfinished as, for example, left clicking on an image within the Images section doesn't highlight it. This only happens if the image is shift left clicked and then it stays highlighted no matter what else is clicked within the section until something out side of the section is clicked.

The shift clicking is actually working as intended. I'm not sure why it works that way, but just that that is how they decided to do it. It's not underdeveloped, just not how we would expect it to work is all. :)

Sorry, but I have to disagree. The behaviour I describe is not 'usual' behaviour and there is no apparent reason for it to be different. It does not offer any advantages, but does have disadvantages. A single click on an image highlights it in every other program I have ever used. I have never had to shift-click one to highlight it.

Lol then you're not disagreeing. I said I don't know why it works that way, why they chose that way really, but that is what they decided to do. I do agree it's not normally how things work, but I do believe they have things set up so they can get the most use out of the clicks, just not sure how that all works.