improve adding attributes ie HREF

Please come up w a easier way to add custom attributes or attributes such as href to the attributes panel. The process for adding a href to things such as image tags is a pain. I also have a major problem when adding the href tag to images in a carousel. The link tag provided by the tool is not very intuitive .

Seriously???? You have 2 places you can usually add links to (HREF), within the Attributes pane at the bottom under the HTML window, and in the Options pane in the top right by choosing that tab. Maybe you're unaware of one of these places. It's a pretty simple setup and very intuitive if you know where to look for the settings (Options and Attributes pane).

IF you don't find what you need in the Attributes pane, just add it and it will update that for you so put:


in the Key box and put:

whatever your link is

in the Value box and you're done

Need Target values (I typically use the _blank for anything that is external from a site) Same as above, type:


in the Key box and type:


in the Value box

Simple as can be and those setting are all choosable and link pastable within the Options pane as well. Can't imagine that there is a need for redoing how this is done now that everyone that's been using this app for 3 to 4 years is used to how it works. :P

@galway As @Jo said, I don't see a problem with the current system, either, but if you can provide an example of how you would change it to make it easier, I'm all ears?