Improve Custom Styles Editor

Hello: I was surprised to find out, that changes to the styles of an component must not reside in the html-style-tag when changing them in the Top-Right-Sytel-Editor:

But it's tricky to find out.

Finally i will describe this 3rd way - for the few available Quick-Settings in the Top-Right-Style-Editor :


  1. Activate the Component you want to modify
  • Choose the Style CSS File to write into
    • "Create" CSS Block
      • with "Create"-Button in CSS-Text-Editor
      • choosing "Create CSS Block" in Top-Right-Style-Editor
    • Edit the styles by choosing Tag, ID or class
      • when created in the CSS-Text-editor by selecting in the "Style Attributes" Menu
      • when created with "Create CSS Block" it's already selected there

      <br> Now the selected/edited values in the Top-Right-Style-Editor are stored in the CSS-File instead of creating html-style-tag. <br><br>


      p>IDEAs for Improvements: Creating/Selecting Style-Group in Top-Right-Style-Editor



    • Auto-Select in the menu of Top-Right-Style-Editor
      • at least when created from the menu "Create CS Block" in Top-Right-Styl-Editor
      • when entering the Style-Group in CSS-Text-Editor



      p>IDEAs for Improvements : more Options in Top-Right-Sytle-Editor <br> It would be a great Thing to implement a (nearly) complete CSS Editor for selecting all or at least the most used CSS Tags in Groups into an GUI like the Top-Right-Style-Editor, like font-style, text-formatting, etc....

      OK. Hope I brought some good ideas