In browser preview: sass changes are always 1 step behind

Hi, If you have the webpage open in a browser preview and are writing css in a sass file via an external editor (visual code studio in my case) The preview is always one step behind in changes. i.e. if I have the following in my sass file: body { border: 1px solid #f00; } And continually change the colour and save. The browser always shows the previous one, not the latest change. And its not possible to just hit save twice as the sass doesn't seem to compile until the next change happens, so the browser is always one step behind.

Note: the window inside BSS does show the latest changes.


Thank you for the report! We weren't able to reproduce the issue. Can you share a few more details:

  • Which OS and Bootstrap Studio version are you using?
  • Do you have an antivirus or a file syncing application like Dropbox/OneDrive running on that folder?
  • Does this happen on all designs or a specific one? Does it happen on all pages of the design?
  • Is the design large with lots of images or lots of SCSS code?

Hi Martin,

Sorry for the slow reply, in answer to your questions:

  • macOS (Sierra)
  • No anivirus or file syncing
  • I gave tested on a couple of different designs and this happens
  • I have around 15 scss files in my projects