In Page Linking

Is there a way to create a jump from a nav bar to a tag within the page? In HTML it's just an anchor tag that uses the name property, for example:

< a name="tagtojumpto" > < h3 >Heading to Jump To< /h3 >< /a >

Then the link from the nav item would just have:

< a href="#tagtojumpto" >Jump To heading< /a >

Is there a way to set this using Bootstrap Studio? The anchor tag (link) doesn't seem to have editable properties.

Currently, I'm just setting my links as described once I export from Bootstrap Studio, but I was wanting to avoid as much post export editing as possible.


@perlmunger, it's not really the way you should be doing that anymore. You should just add the name as an ID to the H3

<h3 id="tagtojumpto">Heading to Jump To</h3>

You would continue to use your href the same though,

< a href="#tagtojumpto">Jump To heading< /a>

it still works the same. It is the more semantic way of doing things now, just have to be sure to not use the same ID= reference on the page more then once. You can refer to the ID as much as you want with as many href= you need.

Hope that helps.


Just to add to what saj has said, the section you use to add this ID is in the attributes section just before the html mark up section of main window.

Hope this helps

Great! Thank you (both) for your help. I've not kept up with the HTML standards I guess. Thanks for the insight. I got it working.

And great tool, btw. It's great for rapid Bootstrap design.


Thank you too.

how to success a scrolling nav? like the link below i tryed with no luck..

Following this