In the hosting and you own mysql PHP

do Bootstrap Hosting supports php?

No, doesn’t support PHP, databases or FTP access


what are you waiting for

you are offering something that AI can do we need more to show are customer that we can do more than AI

Ever hear the expression, “the right tool for the right job”?

If you want to build database-driven websites for your customers, or develop websites using backend programming languages like PHP, Bootstrap Studio is not the right tool for your needs.

There are programs that can do this, but they are a lot more expensive. For instance, Wappler offers the sort of features you want. It’s also about $500 a year.


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It appears it’s not the app itself but rather the sites feature being discussed: Bootstrap Studio Sites - Powerful website hosting platform.

Like Richards mentioned its limited in its proclaimed “power”, so you will need to instead self-host or use a different 3rd party offering to get full control of your deployment.

Though maybe @xneo can use Wapplers Documentation to find a suitable hosting / cloud service.

I build PHP DB driven sites but have my own separate hosting for this.
I use BSS to quickly set up a nice front end.
I can then easily convert the pages to PHP (just duplicate it &/or change .html to .php).
BSS is great for this in my opinion.