Increase reported info during export

During export, it could be useful to have some hints about the current progress and specifically when an external script is called (eg. “Calling foo.bat…”, “An error.log has been issued”, “Errorlevel 1 from foo.bat”).


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Yes, I agree too to this idea, but it’s a different one… Here, I talk about progress on screen. A possibility of log (and maybe with different levels of verbosity) file would be obviously a plus when you want to dig and go deeper or figure out what’s inside an old project you forgot, but here I just talked about a better granularity in the displayed notification during export (the info “Generating log file…” could be added too, for example). This realtime notification should save me from going to see if there’s an error.log on disk each time. It’s all about visual feedback instead of deep analysis like your idea of log file could cover… These two ideas are complementary!

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Ya, might even solve the (too many photos/graphics) issue that some people come across when they try to add hundreds and hundreds of images to their projects … Just a thought :slight_smile:

These are great suggestions. We will add better export notifications that show the current operation in our next update.

We’ve had an idea for a “Check for Issues” tool for a while. We can make it report things like inline styles, hidden elements, excessive image sizes etc. We will have to figure out when (or if) this tool should run automatically so it is not annoying.


Sounds awesome!

Might be more work than it’s worth to try this, but …

I could envision a button on the main screen (not something we have to dive into menus to get to) that would have check boxes on it for the various types of error/feedback messages and we can choose those we are wanting to check out at the time. This way it wouldn’t be intrusive to get all of them all the time, and we could uncheck them all to turn it all off?

Not sure if that would be a lot more work, but seems it might be pretty handy for those that use a lot more javascript and other things than I do or for trying to pinpoint a specific issue without being bombarded by all the different messages.

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Yeees! And as @jo-r stated, it could be a customizable report (even if not for the next release). For starting, you could maybe just provide a Debug ON/OFF option in settings.