Increase the drop area in the overview panel

The current drop area is a bit too small. I should be already allowed to drop the component as a child of Body with my current cursor position. enter image description here

@edit UI-scaling is not a solution here. What I am asking for is to make the drop area larger in relation to the UI without the need for UI-scaling. Even If I scale the UI to 200% the cursor, in the position as showed below, does not trigger the drop availability even though visually I am already in the content-area of the text.

enter image description here

There is a bug with this that I did report, but so far hasn't been addressed nor responded to in the bug forum. Since the update before the last one, the visual indicator (highlighted area or line between parts of the Overview pane tree) have not shown up.

I would highly suggest you go ahead and "try" to drop things anyways, even if they don't show like they will, because that indicator has disappeared for some reason.

Hopefully someone will address this issue and the post I created a bit ago on it.