Index name in address bar, how do i change it?

When i made my first website with HTML builder years ago, (a very prehistoric thing!) i remember the landing page has to be labelled index. When i put my page up the tab says "index". nobody elses does!

I have to do some changes and id really like to fix this! can someone please explain in very simple language, how i do it?!

Much appreciated.

(Oh and if you have a look any suggestions for improving the page greatly appreciated! cheers)

Expand the Pages menu on the bottom right and right click your index.html file and selectd Properties.

First box on the popup dialog is for Title type in the wording you want. Save/export etc...


thankyou for the speedy reply, much appreciated. also nice clear info. i changed the name, and the date, and exported, and it exported but index remains! do i need to delete the one in the file manager and somehow make the new name the landing page? thanks again, cheers

Yes delete the additional page that says .index off your server as I suspect when you load your site it’s looking for that as it’s stored in your cache

I would make a very major suggestion for your site. That huge image slider is clunky due to the multiple sizes of your images. If you resize your images to the same size, usually a good image slider can be easily set up at about 700px wide (adjust as needed to get them all the same size of course) and be sure they are all the same height as well. One thing that I myself find annoying on a website is when I'm reading something below an image slider and the sizes keep pushing the text up and down with the photos above. Nothing will make me leave a site faster than that ... ok maybe loud music will lol.

Once you do that, the rest will be much happier spaces! :)


If you look at the source for your home page, in the "header" section you will see the above.

You need to save your changes in BSS, then export them, then upload the page to your server. Refresh the page in your browser and look at the source again to make sure it has changed.

PS: My suggestion for your site, make the font for your home page header a bit smaller, and put a linebreak (two paragraphs) so it appears as...


On my monitor the INC. appears on the second line by itself. Consider putting your logo on the menu bar? Create and upload a favicon.ico to your root folder.

And yeah, I agree with @Jo, get rid of the slider on the home page.