Input Rejection

Hi there,

i'm completely new to bootstrap studio and I struggle a lot with adjusting things like font size. In the css area my changes are always rejected. Can anyone help me out?

Best Julian

Can you be more specific in what you mean by rejected? What exactly are you trying to add and what does the app do?

In the css area my changes are always rejected.

Are you talking about the Styles panel (where you can write/edit CSS code) or the Look & Feel or Options panel, where you can change CSS attributes via the visual tools?

To change the actual CSS code, you have to copy the Bootstrap class to a new stylesheet, or write your own classes/styles in a new stylesheet. You can't overwrite the standard Bootstrap styles which are displayed by default. To change something like font size in the Look & Feel panel is quite simple. Just select the text block (or highlight the text) and either type a new font size (eg. 18px) or use the arrow tool to increase or decrease the size.

Have you read the CSS tutorials yet?