Inserting 'naked' text in a BS page...

Check the extract of code below:

    <footer id="main-footer" class="py-4 bg-primary text-white text-center">
    Copyright ©
    <span></span> Exhibit Software, Inc.

'Copyright ©' is just naked text. How do I insert this type of construct into BS?

Is there a component name for it?

Many thanks.

When you're in text editing mode, look at the top of the workspace window and you'll see a button labeled "Char Input." Click it and you'll find the Copyright character, along with a bunch of other characters.

You misunderstood. This questiion is not about how to enter special characters.

Suppose the text was 'Hello". Apply the question to that.

I actually do my footer copyrights with custom code since it's something I can reuse easily that way and change up as needed as well, and it's just a small little piece so it's not a lot of bother as custom code.

Add a footer component and drop a custom code component inside. Insert Copyright © into the custom code by itself (no divs). Add a span inside the footer. Add custom code again rinse and repeat.