Inserting Spans to surround existing content

Is there a way to input a class to wrap around existing content instead of having to always copy and paste the content to the span and then delete the content that you copied to the span? There are added steps here just because we are unable to even "move" text which is another issue itself lol. This seems like a pretty tedious way to have to do this so I'm hoping I'm missing a step here that I'm not seeing. I have tried using the right click menu, but all that does is allow me to insert a span into a paragraph, it doesn't have an option to wrap around content that already exists. A time consuming and clumsy way to have to do this if there isn't an option, so hopefully it's something that can be added to accomplish this. I'm always expecting to be able to highlight the paragraph or the text itself and choose wrap content or something, and there's just nothing there. Most editors that I've used seem to have that incorporated so hopefully it's not something too awful to try adding.

If I'm missing a step here and it already exists, please enlighten me if someone could. Thanks!

Can you not Cut instead of Copy? There is a Cut/Paste just like a Copy/Paste but the Cut copies to the clipboard and removes the source then you can paste it where you need it.

For windows it's

  • CTRL+X = Cut
  • CTRL+C = Copy
  • CTRL+V = Paste


Hmm never even thought to try Ctrl + X lol. Just did and it does work. I never use that key combo, I usually just highlight and drag text where I want it in most apps, which would be the optimal addition I hope we get. Being able to cut/paste will help a lot, but I'd still like to see a feature that wraps the spans. Thanks for that tip!

I was just looking for this feature as well. Would be really nice to highlight the text and use a button in the contextual bar that appears with bold, italic, underline, etc. That would really speed up productivity.