Internet Explorer 11 with preview on [fixed in 2.2]

So I decided to check my test bed in IE11 (Win8.1) so I turned on preview and noticed that the page reloads every 2 seconds. I realize that livereload.js is what's used when the preview is on. But is there some way or could there be some way that we might be able to disable the auto reloading while still having the preview enabled? It would save from having to export everytime to view it. I check my site(s) in Chrome/FF/IE to see that everything is working out.


Thank you for this bug report! IE doesn't support EventEmitter, so we poll every two seconds to check whether there have been changes. There was a bug in the check, which caused the browser to reload every time. This is now corrected. The fix will be released in version 2.2. due later this week.