Intro Popup window on install

So I’ve installed a lot of apps over the past couple weeks after getting a new Mac Mini computer. One thing that has made me think on how people learn things or are steered to various resources is that many of them have a popup window upon installation that has links to various tutorials, but … They also have one other thing that is impressive. They have a hands on “get to know” your app setup.

What I mean by that is they have popup pointers to show you various features and how to use them. They lead the person through the basics of the app, how to get around it, etc.

I think BSS users would benefit highly by having something like this in there. This way you can show them where things are, as well as giving a short description of how to use it or what it’s used for or both. It would really help for those people that are having issues with finding just the basic things in the app.

It would also be a great way to steer people to understand that BSS is Mobile first and would give users some examples of how to use it or descriptions of how it works.

I know this would be a large project, but with so many people asking so many basic questions, it makes it obvious that many people are just assuming they will know how to use it, and not bothering to search the forums or use the tutorials (heck many don’t even realize they are there, even though they are right in their faces on the forums/website and in the app itself.

Anyways, that’s my idea for the day lol. Maybe something I’ve typed will peak the interest of some devs to help the users get started. :slight_smile:

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I absolutely love the idea. I agree it would be a MASSIVE project, and I think the mere fact that BSS doesn’t even have a comprehensive online user guide is a pretty good indication of whether something like this would ever get done by the BSS development team.

I have toyed with the idea of taking one of my simplest BSS websites and rebuilding it from scratch while doing a full-res screen recording, and then video-editing it with a voice-over to explain the entire build-out step-by-step.

But then the same thought pops into my head? How does it benefit me? I have too many paying jobs that I can’t ignore for the sake of doing more “charitable” work than I already do just answering questions in this Forum for an hour or two every 3-4 days.