Is it Possible to Preview Video Parallax Background?

I’m very new to Bootstrap Studio. Absolutely love the product.

Question: While there is an easy way to drag and drop images into a design in Bootstrap Studio, there is no way to do this with video. As a result, to preview my page design containing an MP4 video using the downloaded “Video Parallax Background” component, I have to actually export the page and view it in the browser. Is there a way to preview the content using the real time preview function? Am I missing it?

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Is your website built with Bootstrap 4.x? I downloaded the Video Parallax Background v2 component and it seemed to work fine when I previewed it the browser using BSS’s preview function.

But the component does not work in a Bootstrap 5 site.

The Where is your video hosted, and what are you using for the path for your video source?

The basic Video Parallax Background component works with 5.x, but my issue is I want to use a locally hosted video. If I put the video in the root of the export folder and simply specify the video filename in the component, it loads just fine. But it won’t do that in “preview” mode because there is no way to add multimedia content other than “photos” in the BSS design pane.

Upload your video to its own directory on your server and link to it and then it should work.

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As @jo-r wrote, BSS can’t connect to local folders. If you can’t upload your video to your own server, you can use an online service like YouTube, Vimeo, etc…

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Other option is serve your video locally, for example use simple python http server, then you’ll be flexible to use it inside bss. also can be other option.