Is that possible with bss?

Can I do this with bootstrap studio if I include three.js?

Could you do it with BSS? Sure, probably, if you imported all the necessary .js files.

Should you do it? I say, "NO!"

I clicked off that site after about 5 seconds because it was slowing my browser down so badly. Maybe on a really new, really fast system it wouldn't, but my (relatively) old Intel i7, which was top of the line when it was released in 2011, with my rather older ATI Radeon 3800 (speedy in 2007, slow by today's standards) was really having a hard time making better than 5-6 fps on a 23" monitor. When I reduce the window size down by half, it became tolerable, but still too slow for me to stay on the site.

I'm sure a newer CPU, and more specifically, a newer graphics card, would have no problem with it, but you have to build websites for EVERYONE, people with 5-10 year old machines, people with budget tablets and laptops/notebooks, smartphones, and everything in between - not just people with brandy new super fast, state-of-the-art graphic powerhouses.

While I'm sure there is a market for those kinds of effects, it's been my experience that the vast majority of people are much more concerned with a website's content, and finding what they're looking for, than being "dazzled" by creative graphics. Unless you're building a website for a company that actually specializes in creating those kinds of effects for people, I'd stay far away from those resource-hungry scripts.

Just my opinion.

Great effects, love what you can do with them, but I have to agree with print ninja, it doesn’t belong on websites for the most part. I could see a page of thumbnails leading to a separate page for each effect in or to create a gallery of effects for the client or potential clients to showcase your work. Definitely not a ton of them on one page.