Is there a way to create correct subpages?

Hey im searching a way to create subpages which looks in the url like this:

  1. Page 1
    1.1 Page 1.1
    1.2 Page 1.2

with the following output:

i already tried to create folders and put these pages in it and for the first impression it looks like a correct subpage order but when i change the site within the subpage it shows me the name of the folder twice which leads into a wrong path like: page-1/page1/page-1-2 (page-1 is the created folder)

Problably there is already a topic like that but i didnt find it.

Hope you guys can help me and thanks in advanced


For a similar problem, here is the answer I received from BSS technical support.

Make sure to use absolute links in your navbar by prefixing them with a leading slash. This way they will point to the same page regardless of where the current one is located.

Syntax of my URLs with "/(folder/subfolder/)page-name.html"

If you keep it down to 1 or 2 levels I have also found it simple to just copy the navbar from the original and paste it to the next level. That “should” update the links for you and now you have 2 separate navbars.

Now use the first original to do a Paste linked your top level nav items on each page and the 2nd one to Paste Linked your second (pages in folders) set of pages. Just means you update the 2 menus if anything changes, and both will update the rest of their respectively linked pages.

It’s just as easy to update 2 as it is to do one. Have done it a half dozen times or so and it has worked well for me.