Is there a way to edit the generated HTML?

I’d like to have full control of the generated HTML, is it possible to edit it? I’d like to add additional CSS and or JS from CDN. The saved ‘project’ is .bsdesign which is not editable.

The only thing I can see is to add a new CSS or JS, but then I need to paste the contents of the external file there, which sucks if I just want to use a Bootstrap theme that requires additional CSS or JS.


We will have the ability to link to external JS/CSS files from a CDN and an easy way to import existing files. You can see more in our roadmap.

For now the only way to make complex edits to the HTML is when the design is exported.

Is this ever going to be changed in Bootstrap Studio? I'm designing a website right now for my lab, and would like to prepopulate it with some html copied from our old website. But it seems like there is no way to do that. If I export the website, and edit the html to add this stuff at the last step, then there is no way to ever import the website back into Bootstrap Studio to modify it further, is that correct?

We are just waiting for the next Boostrap studio release to get a custom html component which might solve your query